Made out of Wood….

I have this idea that I am going to give my apartment a new look, when it comes to furniture & paint. This is my first project.I have this reading area/corner in my living room, where I have a chair ( which I also plan to replace with another more comfortable one later), & a magazine holder, but it seems that something is missing.

As it is right now it’s not very cosy, so my first project, is to make my reading area/corner more cosy & attractive to sit in & read.

Since I moved out, almost all my furniture has been from Ikea, not that there is anything wrong with furniture from Ikea, I just reached a stage in life where I think it is time for some changes, & get a more rustic look rather than the clean look my apartment has now.

I hope you know what I mean, I need some furniture that looks a bid more old & worn out, instead than new & clean!

For my reading corner project I found these three apple crates, I think the would look good as a table/bookcase, but first they need a lovely hand!

Apple Crates

My plan is to give them some kind of oil, so the get a bit darker look, I am very into the dark wood look. I will show you the result of the apple crates & my reading corner later on…….



  1. 17. September 2014 / 02:22

    Congrats on your new blog! Good luck with the apartment remodel.

    Its kinda funny, I’m looking to purchase Ikea furniture for my small apartment due to lack of space and you’re trying to move away from the Ikea look!

    I look forward to seeing how it goes, keep ’em coming!

    • passforfass
      17. September 2014 / 07:17

      Thank you os much for your comment.
      Yeah that is quite funny, but I have always been very happy with Ikea furniture & I promise I will still go shopping in Ikea;). I would love to see what you buy & how you furnish your apartment. I bought a new dining table yesterday, so new post soon:).

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