New Family Member – Nima The Dog


I’ve been used to having a dog in the family, for the last 20 years, & I don’t think there is anything like the joy a pet can bring into your life!

We got the first dog when I was 7 years old, a Miniature Schnauzer called Pylle, she ended up being a bit chubby, so in the end we were calling her Pølse (meaning sausage in Danish). She was the dog I grew up with, & she became 13 years old!
I remember her as a very sweet & loving dog, always happy & playful, which she was until the end. Unfortunately she had to be put down, because of illness, but that was expected, considering her age.
One of the cute things I remember about her was that, when she was old & I got home, she was laying on the couch & wagged her tale until I came over to say hello & then she got crazy happy, she was just too lazy to get up 🙂
Another thing I remember about her, was every time we got home, she had to have my mom’s wallet in her mouth, then she walked around with the wallet in her mouth being happy & making noises.

When she was put down after 13 years, my mom called the breeder, where they bought her, to tell the breeder that she had passed! The breeder told my mom she had a puppy, that they could get within a week.
When you have been used to having a dog for 13 years & suddenly there is no one, it is a big change, my mom is retired, so she at home all day, therefore my parents decided to accept her offer & get the puppy.

That is when they got Pixie also Miniature Schnauzer!
I had moved out of my parents house when they got her, but I was still living in the same city, I have always been very close with my parents, so even though I wasn’t living at home anymore I’ve always seen Pixie as my dog as well!
Pixie was a very weird dog, but I loved her anyway, she was so cute in her own way.
There is no doubt she had a very good & spoiled life, unfortunately she didn’t become that old!
She was but down, because of illness, last fall right before she turned 7 years old. This happened on a Sunday, where I was staying with my parents, so I got the chance to say goodbye.
Even though it was the second time, it doesn’t get any easier & I was so sad for days!

After having a dog in the house for 20 years, my parents decided that they wanted to bring a new dog into the house, therefore after 10 months of waiting, I would like to introduce you to our new “family” member Nima:


She is the third Miniature Schnauzer my parents have brought into the family & we all picked her up last Sunday, she is 11 weeks old.
I went to see my parents this weekend, cause I wanted to spend some more time with the little new puppy, so I can get to know her & she can get to know me!
She is the cutest little one, she is playful, lovely & have a bunch of energy & I already love her.
She is also a little bit of a troublemaker, she has this thing where she picks up your shoes & brings them into the livingroom, so from now on, shoes can’t be on the floor;)
I’m not allowed to have dogs where I live, so I have a cat called Ludwig, he has been staying with my parents for the last week, so they can get to know each other as well!
There has already been a big breakthrough, they almost play with each other.
My cat is 4 years old & when I got him, my parents had Pixie, so he isn’t used to a little playful puppy. But they can already both be on the floor at the same time & smells each other, Ludwig just isn’t into fully playing with her yet, but I’m sure that it will happen very soon.

DogDSC07872 DSC07843

 A thing I remember from our first dog Pølse was, that she loved laying on her back & get her belly robbed, which Pixie only did rarely. Nima already loves laying on her back & get her belly robbed!

Nima is such a cute little puppy & I can’t describe how lovely it is to have a dog in the family again!

Take Care
Mille ♥

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