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Apple Crates

Apple Crates

Apple Crates

I went to visit my parents this weekend, they live in a city about one hour away from me in a townhouse, it is also where I grew up, but in 2009 I moved to Copenhagen. I also visit my granddad on my mothers side. He is the only one of my grandparents I have left, unfortunately I never got to know my grandparents on my fathers side, they died before I were born & my grandmother died about 4 years ago.

I love visit my parents it is very relaxing & this weekend my mother helped me paint the apple crates I bought & showed you earlier, we also baked a cake, that tasted very lovely & finally watched “The other woman” with Cameron Diaz. It is the second time I watched this movie, I saw it with a friend in the cinema & it is  the funniest movie I seen in a while, so if you need a good laugh this is the movie to watch.

About the apple crates I showed & told you about, I took them with me to my parents house, because it is a bit easier to paint them at their house. They have this closed front yard, so I could paint them outside & let them dry over night without having to worry about them. It had been more difficult to paint them at my place, because I live in an apartment & there is no places they could dry & I for many reasons I don’t thint it would be a good idea to let them dry inside my apartment. One of the main reasons is that I have a very curious cat & I don’t think he would leave them alone! ( Ps: I don’t leave my cat home alone, he comes with me when I visit my parents, I have done that since he was a kitten & he do not mind traveling at all he just sleeps. Furthermore my parents have a little dog & they love each others company)

As you can see in my previous post the apple crates were in light wood & I wanted them to get a darker look, so I bought a dark paint. I am very satisfied with the result, they look so good. I only painted them one time, because I were going for a kind of old look & I didn’t want them to look new & even. The result of only painting them once made them not look so even in the color & I love that the difference in the wood shines though the paint.

So this I how I spent my weekend, hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too……

Mille ♥

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