Poncho Cosiness

It’s starting to get really cold, rainy & windy in Denmark, which isn’t really inviting you to go outside at all, but instead cozying it up at home with a warm drink or a good book!
This autumn I started to love ponchos so much, it the perfect stylish item to put on, on those not too warm or cold days, but as I just described the weather in Denmark isn’t really that inviting & if you have to go outside, it is way to cold to be wearing a poncho!
But when Boutique of Molly, as you know I’m collaborating withshowed me their new poncho I loved it so much that I had to buy it.


Then what to do when the weather is too cold for a poncho?
The good thing about a poncho is that, when the weather is too cold for you to wear a poncho, it can also be perfect for those cosy days in, so instead of cozying it up with a blanket you can cozying it up with a poncho instead.
For me a poncho is such a lovely way to cozying it up at home on the couch, a poncho gives you the feeling of comfort, warmth & of course the most amazing feeling of cosiness!

The other good thing about using a poncho instead of a blanket, is that a poncho is formed to suit you, it gives you the possibility to use your hands & still be cosy & warm, which I think is a bit difficult with a blanket, if you want it around your shoulders. With a poncho you can have it around your shoulders & still have an easy acces to hold a warm drink or a book.


So through the late autumn & winter period where it is, in some contries, getting too cold to wear a poncho outside & if you love a poncho like I do, you should definitely use it for those cosy days at home, where the only thing you want to do is snuggling up on the couch!

I love this poncho from Boutique of Molly, the fabric is a bit more thick, so I gives that nice warm feeling. I also love the fringe on the bottom of it, which reminds me a bit of the 70s, but that is also what is the fashion, the 70s are back.


I would love to hear your opinion on ponchos?
If you like this poncho, the “Lace Dress (see it here) or the “Blue Blazer (see it here) ” I’ll recommend you to take a look at Boutique og Molly’s website, they have a lot of very lovely & pretty items & they keep on adding new items to their collection, so you can keep an eye on the site for new items.

Have a lovely Monday.
Take Care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      8. December 2015 / 20:50

      It is so cosy I just love it:) Ohh really, I haven’t seen Michael Kors’ so I’ll have to take a look:)

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