It’s finally official & I’m allowed to say it out loud – I got a PROMOTION!
I have know about this promotion for such a long time now, but my bosses wanted to wait a little while before they made it official to everyone else!

I work at a book & test publishing office & right now I work as a sales & finance assistant, I love the financial part of the job, but I honestly don’t like the sales part. Lately the sales part of the job has really annoyed me, because (I’m sorry to say) people asks the stupidest questions sometimes, & also having to answer the same question like 20 times a day, gets really boing & annoying. I don’t really feel like the sales part is a challenging enough. It’s only because I have known about this promotion for so long, that I kept this job, otherwise I think I would have found something else.

So why did I take this job in the first place you may ask? I started working as a student, I got the job because of my uncle, he is the financial manager. I got a try out with one assignment & because I did well he talked to the CEO at the firm & I got to stay as a student. When I had worked there for like 4 years I got the opportunity to get a full time position, the one I have now. At that time I just needed to live my life & not worry about finding a job, when I graduated. It was really nice to know you have a job & that you get a pay check every month. I just need a little calmness in my life, so I could live it!

Now the thing is that my uncle is retiring in March next year & the plan is not to hire a new financial manager, the plan is to hire a new sales assistant & then teach me to manage the internal finances & administration, with help from the CEO. I’m not going to be the financial manager, but I’m going to be responsible for most of the firms finances. That means my job soon will be 100% finance related & I’m never answering a sales phone ever again! I’ll start this new position full time in November, but I’m already starting the training a few days a week from now on.

I seriously can’t wait until I start full time, I do a lot of finance assignments already, so starting the new position isn’t completely new to me.
I also want to make one thing clear, I didn’t not get this position because it is my uncle, he is the financial manager & there is also a CEO that I’m not related to at all. My uncle is very good at his job & he expects that you do your job properly, so if I hadn’t done a good job they would never have kept me for this long & I would never have gotten this promotion. I got the promotion because the CEO & my uncle think that I have the ability to manage it.

I honestly think that it’s the biggest cadeau that they think I’m good enough & that they trust me with a position like this, it’s amazing, after all I’m only 27. This promotion has taught me that you can work you way up, that everything is possible & that hard work really pays off in the end!

Can you imagine how hard it has been not being able to tell about this promotion & you don’t really believe it either before it is made official! It’s such a relief that it’s finally out.
Sorry for the long post today, but I thought I would explain everything to you!
I have can’t wait to see what the future brings &  I’m sure that the next 6 months are going to be extremely hard & very exciting:)

All the love

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