I have had such a long break from blogging & honestly I’ve stated to miss blogging, & when you start missing doing something it’s time to start again!
Therefore I’ve made the decision to relaunch my blog, which means a new design & a couple of other changes.

With this relaunch I will also make a few changes when it comes to blogposts, as you know I love to photograph, something I will focus a bit more on from now on.
This means that instead of a lot of writing in my blog posts, I will make posts/look-books, which will mainly contain photos & not that much text.
When this is said, it doesn’t mean that won’t make any posts where the writing is in focus, I’ll still do them, I just wanted to show you mote of my photo work!
I hope you like the new design & my new kind of posts, please let me know!
Mille ♥

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