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Not so long ago my mom came to visit me in Copenhagen & we decided to go out for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Tony’s, it’s an Italian inspiration restaurant under a restaurant called “Madklubben”, which there are a couple of in Copenhagen!

There are so many restaurants & dining opportunities in Copenhagen, but for some reason I don’t go out for dinner that often, I should really start doing it some more, cause I love it! The only problem is that I’m a bit (okay let’s be honest) very picky when it comes to food, & that narrows the opportunities down quite a bit;)
Now back to Tony’s it was a very lovely restaurant, placed on a street very close to the harbour. The entrance of the restaurant was down some stairs & then there was a dining room downstairs & one upstairs. We were sat upstairs. We arrived when it opened at 5:30 & there were only a couple of other guests, later on the restaurant was almost full packed . So I’ll suggest that you book a table in advance, we did that. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very lovely, it was very modern styled, but not styled like a typical Italian restrain, but very stylish & cosy!
The menu had a couple of different starters & then about 5 main courses & desserts. All the courses were
Italian inspired. We didn’t get any starred, fro main course we got Spaghetti Carbonara & Tiramisu for dessert.
IMG_8653_Fotor DSC07992_Fotor
The Spaghetti Carbonara was so delicious, it tasted SO amazing! You could really see & taste that it was homemade all the way. The portion was a good size & enough to get you fill.
I was looking forward to the dessert, but unfortunately it wasn’t really for me. The first couple of bites of the Tiramisu was very good, but after a couple of bites it was like one end of the Ladyfingers had been soaked more in alcohol that the other end, which meant that they had a very strong taste of alcohol. If it had tasted like the fist bites the whole way through it had been amazing, but I’m not into a strong alcohol taste, so I didn’t eat the Ladyfingers, but the rest tasted very good!

I think they changes the menu ones in a while, also the prices is fair when it comes to quality & quantity, the main courses are between 16-30 euros. If you’re going to Copenhagen or live her, I would recommend this restaurant, I would also love to hear if there are some restaurants you can recommend in Copenhagen or in London!
I think Tonys was a really cosy place with good food & I’m defiantly going back,
but I’ll try another dessert;).


    • Mille
      14. October 2015 / 08:02

      Thank you so much<3. It tasted SO good:)

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