Rethink Fashion – Copenhagen Fashion Week

It is really interesting to see upcoming designers & to see what future brands/designs/styles you can look forward to.
At Copenhagen fashion week, there is a Fashion Show, which is a show made by the fashion designer graduates from Via Design. Therefore the Fashion Show contains a lot of different styles, which I think is amazing. I went to the “Future of Fashion” show in summer & was lucky enough to get an invite again at this fashion week!

I got such good spot this year ( my show up too early gene sometimes pays of), I got a spot at the end of the runway in the front. The theme of this years show was “Rethink Fashion” & there was a lot of good designs this year as well!

After the show all the graduate designers came out with their collections, so you could have a closer look at them. I like this idea, cause it gives you the possibility to really study the designs.
Unfortunately I had to leave almost right after the show, cause it was in working hours, so I had to go back to work, but I did have a little look.

 It is always fun to see what new things are happening, when it comes to designers, therefore I really enjoy these designer graduates Fashion Shows.  So what do you think, what is your favourite? I had a few.

Take Care

*All Photos are mine.

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