Sad Sunday..

This post was definitely not the post I was planning on posting today & it hurts my heart that I even have to write this post. Today has been a day where life shows you the down side.
It’s been a very sad Sunday for me, we lost our family dog Pixie, she became very ill & had to be put down this morning *Crying*


It’s the second time I experience a family dog being put down & it’s still hurting as much as the first time. The first one was the same breed & she was 14 years old when she was put down due to illness, unfortunately Pixie wasn’t that old, she was only 7 years. My parents got Pixie just after I moved out of their house, but I have always visited a lot, therefore I’ve also been very closed attached to her as well & her to me, even through I didn’t see her every day! We have always had a special bond, I was kind the playmate to her, & I could make her act very foolish like no one else could & I’ve taught her many funny tricks.


Honestly she has always been a bit of a weird dog, but I loved her anyway & it was these weirdnesses that made her so special & lovely.
It’s honestly like loosing a family member when you lose a pet & this time I have taken it really hard, I’ve literally been crying on & off the whole day & still while I’m writing this! So this has been such a sad day for me & it’s going to be so strange the next time I go to my parents house, cause there’ll be no one to greet you at the door, no one to greet you in the morning, no one to take for walks & no one to act silly with running around the garden or house, god I MISS her so much already.


IMG_8080 IMG_8106

I was at my parents house this weekend, so luckily I got to say a proper goodbye to her, we all went to the vet & said goodbye to her. She is now buried in the garden with our first dog & I’m sure she is at a much better place now & that she got peace, even through it hurt like hell that she isn’t here anymore!
You really get attached to a pet & it’s both a good & bad thing, it’s the most amazing thing when they’re here & happy, but the most awful thing when they aren’t anymore & you have to say goodbye.
She was very ill & this was the right thing to do for her & we’ll all get through it eventually, but the next couple of days we all be hurting & mourning, we’ll be processing it in our own pace & that’s okay, cause we lost a member of the family on this very sad Sunday!

I’ll end this sad post with the first & last photo I took of little Pixie, may she rest in Peace.
*Still Crying*

Pixie the day we got her in 2008

I took this last weekend – 2015

Pixie 2008 – 2015 – R.I.P


  1. Nanci-jean Franks
    5. October 2015 / 04:46

    I am soooo sorry for your loss. It is like losing a family member. I mourn for you and your family. My pooch is 12 and she’s beginning to show her age. Every day we have her is a blessing. Pixie will be waiting for all of you in heaven and she’ll be there to greet you!! Lots and love and hugs to all of you

    • Mille
      5. October 2015 / 05:20

      Thank you so much, that was a really sweet & touching message <3
      Pets are a blessing, it's the most amazing thing when they're here, but awful to say goodbye.

  2. 5. October 2015 / 05:55

    Oh no, I’m so sorry 🙁
    I’ve had lots of dogs and therefore had to lose a few, most recently I had to say goodbye to the dog I grew up with. He was 14 and we knew it was coming but it’s never an easy thing to deal with, they’re such important parts of the family.
    She looks like she was a really happy, really well loved dog though, and that’s the thing to remember – and also that even though it’s a horrible, horrible thing to have to do, you did the very best thing for her in the end and didn’t ever let her suffer.
    Big hugs, I hope things get a bit easier soon xx

    • Mille
      5. October 2015 / 06:51

      Thank you so much for your very sweet message Misha, so touching<3. I'm sorry too about your dog?. They do become like a family member & you get so attached to them & that is why saying goodbye is so hard. But you're right I have to remember she had a good life & was very loved & when you reach the point where she's not feel well anymore you have to do the right thing for her & not you, even though it's hard & you want to act selfish...
      I know it gets better as the days go by, it's just now things are hard! Xx

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