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I’m keeping the autumn theme here on my blog & therefore today’s post is about how  it think scented candles gives you that autumn spirit!
In Denmark the days have already started to shorten & it’s getting dark early. I’m a big fan of cosiness & what else to bring cosiness than candles, & even scented candles!

I’m very into scented candles, I love the atmosphere scented candles bring, it makes your home a warm & relaxing place to be & also makes it a really cosy in the dark times. I’ve haven’t tried that many different scented candles yet, but I really want to expand my collection & get some more different scented candles.


My favourite scented candles right now are the scented candles from Ikea, especially the vanilla scented ones. At the moment I use the tea lights, but the big ones are also good. The big ones gives a bit more scent than the tea lights, but you can just lighten a lot tea lights.

Last time I went to Ikea I saw that they had got some new scented candles, it was a scent  called “Winter”.
I haven’t seen these ones before, they smell so good, they have a really sweet scent to them, they smells like a lot of different berries.
So if you want a bit of a sweet scent to the room these ones are the ones to choose!
I like these two scents, cause they makes you feel relaxed & gives a kind of warm atmosphere to the room.


I don’t think there is anything else that brings cosiness & makes you feel like home like candles & when you can combine that with your favourite scent then it gets even better, only beaten by fresh flowers;)
So what to do on these dark autumn nights, make you home cosy & light your favourite scented candles & snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa.

As you might have noticed I turn to choose the vanilla scented candles more, there is no particular reason  other than it’s the ones that smells the best in the stores collection! I really do want to try some other scents, so if you know some good ones I should try, let me know & where to buy them!

Take care

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