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“Show me your closet” is a new series on my Blog. In this series I will feature people, whose style I love & admire! They will show you their favorite items from their closet & tell you about the items they have chosen. As you might know I love fashion, & I love to see other peoples styles for some inspiration, therefore I made this series.

Last week I visited one of my best friends Kirstine & she is the first one showing us her closet! Kirstine has resently moved into a big house with her boyfriend, so her closet is a whole room in the house ( I’m not jealous at all..), I have always loved Kirstine’s style, she has a very classic & feminine style & I just love it!

So here we go, Kirstine’s favorite items from her closet……!




White jacket from Zara: “My white jacket I definitely wear too little! I bought it many years ago but I am too afraid to wear it, because of the white colour and because the fabric is not easy to clean. Yet it is one of my favorite jackets as it is so elegant and it gives you a nice body shape”.



Trousers from Soaked in Luxury: “Some of my latest pieces of shopping. Bought on a trip to Stockholm last weekend. I love the way they make me feel relaxing in an elegant way. PS: You HAVE to use them with stilettos!”


The Coral shirt from Saint Tropez: “I normally use this one with a black or beige skirt or with black jeans. It just shines up the most dark and boring piece of clothes and can be used both on a daily basis in the office with a blazer or when going out.”


Gold glitter cardigan from Oasis: “Also one of my latest buyings from Stocholm. I am for sure going to use it for all the Christmas parties, and New Year, and birthdays, and babtisms and weddings, and more birthdays and next years Christmas parties and….”


Blue dress: From a Tiger of Sweden outlet. “Such a nice piece of work wear. Yet, I have to lose some kilos to fit it again and I only even bought two months ago. Shiiiiit! A reason to shape up as I really wanna fit this one.” 



The belt: “It reminds sooo much of Carrie Bradshaw’s in Sex & The City – The Movie which is also why I bought it. It can be used to dress up a boring dress or to make an elegant dress more rocky.”




Shoes by Malene Birger and shoes from InWear: “Got both pairs from my boyfriend. What can I say. I love them… and him of course ;)”


New Balance Sneakers: “Actually I didn’t even want New Balance sneakers to begin with. I hated how everybody suddently wore them and that women even wore them with nice elegant dresses! It seemed to me that everybody tried to be cool and give an impression of being totaaaally balanced and in hamony with them self. I refused to buy a pair…. until the day I met these ones!”


Ballerinas from Oasis: “ALSO from Stockholm! Gee! I guess I went a littlle crazy. But what can I say. I needed them and they were 20% off 😀 “


Shimmer t-shirt from Saint Tropez: “Okay… promise this is the last thing from Stockholm. Even though it is just a t-shirt, the shimmer peps it up and makes it suitable for work 😀 “


Bag from Decadent: “Got it from my boyfriend as a gift when I started my current job. So it is a couple of years old now but this is the only black bag I have for work and actually I don’t need more as I find the design of this one timeless. Decadent sure know what they are doing :)”

Billede 1

Wedding gown from Trash Couture: “OMG! This one from Trash Couture I just knew I had to have it!!! Mille was actually with me when I bought it and helped me decide. I am a little crazy because my boyfriend hasn’t even proposed yet, but we often talk about getting married AND he actually encouraged me to go buy the dress. Still crazy – I know but I don’t care! This dress makes me just a little bit more happy 🙂 “

So this was some from Kirstine’s closet hope you enjoyed it, I sure enjoyed making it!

Have a lovely day..

Mille ♥

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  1. Kirstine
    26. November 2014 / 12:23

    Yay! My closet 😀 So weird to share it with the whole world but also funny. Thanks for a fantastic day sweety <3

    • passforfass
      26. November 2014 / 17:59

      You’re welcome & thank you too for helping out:) <3

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