Silly Buy & Lazy Sunday Outfit






Disney blouse from H6M

I went out shopping last Sunday with my best friend & I saw this Disney Blouse in H&M & I could not resist. I know it is a bit of a silly buy, but I love it. I’m 26 years old but I not afraid to admit that I still love Disney, it reminds me of my childhood, so I had to buy this blouse. It is very comfy & soft to wear & perfect for a lazy day.

Yesterday I went to my friend’s daughter’s one year Birthday Party, so i decided that it was okay for a lazy Sunday with comfortable clothes, movies & no make up at all, so today I wore the Disney Blouse, a black pair of leggings & a white tank top underneath.

I have the next week off from work, that means a lot of new posts on the Blog.

Lovely Lazy Sunday everyone..♥

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