Sisterhood of the World tag!


I have been nominated by the lovely Jadirah from Jasmine Catches Butterflies, to do the “Sisterhood of the World tag”. I have to answer 1o questions & nomination 7 other bloggers to answer 10 questions asked by me!

So here we go!

Q1: What are your pet peeves?
My pet peeves are:
That I have  to get up early in the morning – I hate it!
When people walk very slow on the street & I can get past them!
I get really annoyed with monotone sounds!
I can also get really annoyed when objects don’t do what I want them to do – Like when objects won’t close & things like that;)

Q2: Do you like to keep some of your makeup on your vanity or all hidden away in drawers?
I don’t have a preference, but right now all my makeup is hidden away, but I have a plan to turn my desk into a makeup table!

Q3: What are you grateful for today?
Hmm, that’s a hard question! There is a lot to be grateful about, but today I think I’m grateful that the sun is shinning for the first time in ages & spring is approaching.

Q4: It’s 2AM, what are you up to?
I probbly be watching Tv or looking on something on my iPad if it’s on a weekday;)  But normally I’m asleep.

Q5: What do you currently have on your phone’s look screen?


Q6: Are you an all time partier or homebody?
I’m mostly a homebody, but I also like a good party!

Q7: Who is your style crush?
I don’t really think I have just one, there is a lot of people, who’s style inspires me! But if I have to mention one I have to say Sophia Bush

Q8: What’s the colour of your shirt right now?
White with black stripes.

Q9: What’s your favourite street food?
There isn’t that much street food in Denmark so I can’t really answer that.

Q10: How did you discover my blog?
When we started to talk to each other on Twitter 🙂 & must say I love your Blog.

Thank you again Jadirah for nominating me, here are my 10 questions:

Q1: Which country is on the top of your list to visit?
Q2: What is your favorite clothing brand?
Q3: If you could chose to meet one person who would it be & what would you ask that person?
Q4: What is you biggest addition?
Q5: How would the perfect pamper day/night be like?
Q6: What do you like to do when your not blogging?
Q7: If you had to do the same thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Q8: Which song is the most played one on your music device?
Q9: What was the last thing you “Googled”?
Q10: Who is your current favorite Blogger?

I would like to nominate following 7 bloggers:

Jadirah Sarmad

Carina Chung






I’m looking forward to read your answers:)

Mille ♥

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