Sketch Afternoon Tea.


Each time I travel to London, I tell myself that I need to try a proper English Afternoon Tea (sorry I’m a foreigner, so that’s what I call it), but it took seven visits to London before it happened!


When I went to visit my friend Carolin (StyleLingua) in London, we went for AfterNoon Tea at Sketch in central London.
You walk into the iconic pink seated room with pink walls & that’s the room where you can enjoy your Afternoon Tea. They have really made the room so you get that cosy & comfortable feeling & forget about the everyday fuss.


When you’ve been seated a waiter explains the menu & you choose the menu you want & if you have some wishes or changes, it is possible to do so, which I really liked, cause I’m very picky! But to be honest, I didn’t make many changes.

We went to Sketch in August & you could choose between two different kinds of Afternoon Tea, one just called Afternoon Tea, the other Champagne Afternoon Tea. We went for the plain Afternoon Tea menu (45 pounds pr. person).
It’s kind of ironic, cause I actually don’t like tea! Luckily the menu had Tea & coffee ad libitum, so I switched to coffee instead.

After choosing which menu we wanted, we didn’t wait long before a multilayer tray came in with sandwiches & cakes & it looked absolutely amazing.
Our menu:
Finger sandwiches –
Corn-fad coronation chicken
Smoked salmon & Jacobs tarragon cream
Green asparagus, cucumber & ricotta
Mozzarella & pesto panini
Egg & mayonnaise
Sultana or plain scones –
With Cornish clotted cream & organic strawberry jam
Raspberry, chocolate & hibiscus flower cake
Petits gateaux –
Blueberry & liquorice tart
Battenberg Cake
Traditional opera
White peach, lemon verbena cheesecake
Malabar marshmallows
Lemon meringue
Apricot pistachio gateaux
The scones & the raspberry cake wasn’t served right away, but was served later.
I think the service was very good, it never felt like you were missing anything & you never got the feeling of waiting for a long time.
Everything tasted really good, of cause I had some favourites, I really liked the egg sandwich, the chicken sandwich & Battenberg cake.
It looked so delicious & at first sight you think, I can easily eat everything on tray (I have a good appetite), but the truth is that after working through the layers you get more & more full. We actually couldn’t eat it all! But if you ask you can take the cakes you don’t eat with you, &  they are packed into a little box for you to bring home.
All in all I loved the Afternoon Tea at Sketch & I’m definitely going there again when I get back to London.  I think the price is really fair considering what you get, you don’t leave hungry & you can take what you don’t eat with you home. If you looking for a very cosy place for Afternoon Tea the next time you’re in London, I would definitely recommend you to try Sketch!

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