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So I’ve been living in Copenhagen for about 5 years now, but there are still a lot of places I haven’t seen yet.  Before I moved to Copenhagen I’ve went to Copenhagen a lot of times, but mostly for shopping, I never really seen all the tourist places! After I moved here I’m more into finding places, which are hidden a bit from all the tourists.

Therefore I decided one day to go meet up with my friend, who also loves taking pictures, so we took our cameras & tried to find some of the old streets of Copenhagen. We did find some places & I got some good photos! In Copenhagen there are a lot of charming streets with old houses & cobbles & it is those streets I love the most, they are so lovely.
On one af the streets there was this little cafe it looked so cosy & I think I’m going there one day soon..




I love living in Copenhagen, the reason I moved to Copenhagen in the first place was because of university, it was too far/hard for me to travel everyday. I had to get up at 4:30 if I had classes at 8. So it was way easier to move here. Now I’m done with university, I have a full-time job, an apartment & most of my friends have also moved to Copenhagen, so I have no intentions of leaving Copenhagen again…



I haven’t regretted one single time that I moved to Copenhagen, I’m such a city girl! The best thing about living in a big city, is that there are so many opportunities. There are always people around & there’s always a store or a cafe open somewhere. I don’t live in center of Copenhagen, but I still live pretty close to the center, it takes me about 15 minutes to get to the center of Copenhagen with bus, which I think is perfect. I live in a lovely area of Copenhagen, where there are parks around, a small shopping mall, a lot of stores/cafes & there are still people around, but not as many as in Center in summer time. The center of Copenhagen is (sorry to say hell, if your not a tourist yourself ) at summer time. I work in center of Copenhagen & sometime it’s so hard to get through all the people so you can get home;)

Copenhagen is my city & I can’t see myself living anywhere else in a long time (except London, if that’s ever an opportunity, cause you know, I’m obsessed with London!)

My summer holiday is coming up in two weeks & I can’t wait to enjoy the summer in Copenhagen. It’s the first time in many years I have 3 whole weeks off from work & I just can’t wait to go out, see all my friends, go to new cafe’s & just explore more of Copenhagen & places I haven’t been before…

So it is safe to say that I’m a city girl, what about are you?
Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Mille ♥

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    • Mille
      29. June 2015 / 11:45

      Thank you:) Yah, Copenhagen is such a lovely city, especially at summer time. But it also has its charm at winter! Let me know if you’re coming to Copenhagen:)

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