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Summer is upon us & I never thought that I did anything different to my bedroom at this time a year, until I was asked to do a blog post about the issue. I was asked by Parachute, a bedding brand, if I wanted to do a post about what I do to my bedroom at summer time.
I just want to make things clear, they only asked me if I wanted to the post & I haven’t got any free products or had to do anything else. I’m simply doing it, because I liked the idea & think it would be a fun post to do. So anything written or linked to in this post is my own choice!

So back to the subject, I never thought that I did anything different to my bedroom when the warmer months come, but after getting asked the question & sitting down & thinking about it – there are actually some things that I do to my bedroom.

The first & most basic thing I do when the weather is getting warmer, is changing my duvet to a thinner one, than the one I use in winter. The weather in Denmark is normally (apparently not this year) warm in summer & also through the nights, so I need a thin duvet. The warm weather in Denmark is very humid so sometimes I only sleep with a sheet anything else is simply to warm!


I don’t think I’m the only one when I say – that I love my bed & I do love spending time in bed, also when I’m not sleeping – am I right! Honestly my favourite place to write blog posts or read a good book or magazine is in bed. So I always try to make it as inviting & cosy a possible. I normally go for some lighter bedding in summer, so it suits the bright nights & mornings.


I recently remembered that my Grandma had given me some bedding in different colours, but I have been saving them (don’t ask me why), but now I thought it was time to bring them out. I decided on the white one, because that makes my bedroom more bright & suits summer perfectly.
This bedding means a lot to me because my Grandma made the lace & put it into the bedding herself & now when she has passed away it’s a reminder of her!

I surfed a bit through Parachutes webpage to find something similar to my bedding & i found some white ones that looks like it, but without the lace (see it here).
I must admit I never had white bedding before, but now I had one I wanted to try it out & I love it, beddings actually do make a difference.



Another thing I always have in bedroom is magazine on my nightstand!
It’s not only a summer thing, but they brighten up the bedroom more in summer & make it cosier in winter. I enjoy reading magazines in the evenings & helps me relax before going to sleep. I don’t think you can ever go into my bedroom without finding some magazines in there!

A thing I have always loved is fresh flowers – unfortunately it’s something I don’t bring into my house that often & when I do, I put very high up on a shelf, so I don’t get to enjoy them as much. The reason I do that is that I have a cat (a too curious one) & there is a lot of flowers that is poisonous to cats. But right now my parents is looking after him at their house, so yesterday I bought some very pretty roses & put them into my bedroom right away. I think that flowers can do something to a room, they bring cosiness & happiness & I just love it. My bedroom is very white furniture wise, which means that it gets cosier when I bring in some flowers!


There is one other thing I only do at summer, which is bringing out the fan! This is my must have in summer, I use it a lot in the warm nights, I simply can’t sleep when it’s warm. I wish I had some kind of cool vintage fan, but I only have this plane white one, but that’s fine, cause I only use it for its purpose & not as a bedroom decor!

I’m very glad that I was asked to do this post & still think it’s a fun idea for a post, I really enjoyed doing it.
I hope you liked my little summer bedroom tour & I’ll love to hear what you do to your bedroom in summer?

I hope my summer bedroom post have given you some inspiration for the warm season, you can also visit Parachute’s webpage here for some more inspiration.

Have a lovely weekend..


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