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I can’t believe that it’s already June, the first summer month· Until now there hasn’t been many warm days in Denmark, but it looked like the summer has finally arrived! Last Weekend the weather was so warm & the sun was out, so why not celebrate it with my newest summer accessory, a Summer Hat!


I have wanted a hat for the summer for quit a while, but I haven’t found a summer hat that I liked. I had this idea of what it should look like & wanted to find one that suited me perfectly. As you might know if you have read my previous posts, I were in London recently, & it was in London I found the perfect summer hat! The hat is from Accessorize (see it here)


We do have the Accessorize stores in Denmark & they properly have the hat here too, but knowing I bought it in London, makes it more special. Every time I put it on it brings back lovely memories from my London trip & that is the nicest feeling.
As I said the weather was amazing last weekend, so I went out for some fun in the garden & I were wearing my summer hat!



 I haven’t own a summer hat or even a hat for that matter in ages! I think the last time I wore a hat was in early 2000, when there was this trend of wearing jungle hats (I know, jungle hats, but everyone wore them & we all thought we looked very cool & hip!). I think that trend has made me stay away from hats, because  that trend was awful!
The thing is that it’s kind of stupid that I have stayed away from hats, because hats actually suits me ( I think so & I’m also been told a lot of time that hats look good on me). Of course some hats suits me more than others, but the bad ones don’t look that awful!




 Even though I have stayed away from hats, I have always loved this trend of wearing hats, especially summer hats. The thing about summer hats is that they can complement an outfit. Your can wear a hat with almost every outfit.A hat is suitable for a summer dress, a playsuit & jeans & a t-shirt. A hat gives that final touch to a dressed down outfit.
Another style I love hats with is the Boheme style, I’m absolutely crazy about that kind of style & especially when it’s toped off with a hat. Unfortunately my style isn’t very Boheme, but I try sometimes;)


I absolutly love this summer hat & it’s gonna be my accessory for this summer! I think a hat is the perfect summer accessory, it’s perfect for a day out, a day at the beach or if your going to a festival! So don’t be surprised if you see me wear this hat quiet often over the summer!
So I would also love to hear what’s gonna be your accessory for the summer?

Take Care…
Mille ♥

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  1. 10. June 2015 / 16:11

    Lovely photos and the hat suits you very well 🙂

    • Mille
      10. June 2015 / 21:21

      Thank you so much:). I Love it, it’s one of my best purchases this year;)

  2. Gabrielle
    13. June 2015 / 12:50

    You look so pretty in this hat, Mille! I often visit Accessorize for their dainty jewellery, however I haven’t before looked at their other accessories – I’ll be sure to explore a little more next time I visit! 🙂 have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Mille
      13. June 2015 / 17:20

      Thank you so much darling:) Yah they have a lot of very pretty hair accessories & other stuff, but their jewellery is also very pretty.
      Have a lovely weekend too:)

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