Summer Holiday


This post was supposed to be up a couple of days ago, but I have had some problems with my blog!

Blog Problems
All of a sudden I couldn’t upload photos into WordPress, I kept on getting a HTTP Error.
After getting really frustrated & annoyed, because I couldn’t solve it myself, I talked to some different people & I still havn’t gotten a proper answer, but I got a solution.
So from now on I have to resize every single photo I want to upload, sorry for the complaining, but it is kind of annoying. Suddenly from one day to another it stopped working, but on the bright side I can blog again now!

So back to what this post is all about, my summer holiday Whoop Whoop!
I have been longing for my summer holiday for months & now it is finally here.
It started last Wednesday & I have a 3 week holiday, which is amazing.

I’ve been enjoying my holiday so far, I have visited my parents for a couple of days & visited a friend as well.
I’m home again & today I had a friend over for brunch. It was lovely to catch up.
Tomorrow I’m planning on sorting my closet a bit & relax & Wednesday a friend is coming over.
In a couple of days, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while, I’m going to London to visit  my friend Carolin (from the Blog StyleLingua) I can’t wait!
She has just told me she has a lot of fun things planed for us, so keep an eye on my blog to see what we are up to.
I’ll be in London for 5 day & I don’t really have that much planned for when I’m home again, maybe just seeing some friends & relax.

So that is what I’m up to the next week or so, what are you up to this summer?
As I said I really needed this Holiday, & I hope to get my blog back on track, which means more blogging. Something I have missed to do, cause I really love it, from now on I promise to be more consistent with Blog post, I already have 5 or 6 posts planned!

Take care
Mille ♥

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