Sunday Hostesses!


My friend Kirstine is pregnant, so our other common friend Katrine asked me if I wanted to help arrange a surprise day for her, where she could enjoy some time with her family & friends, before she gives birth! She has said that she didn’t want a Baby Shower & Katrine & I also don’t see the point in Baby Showers (it’s not really a danish tradition), therefore we just wanted to arrange a cosy day for her.

 Because it wasn’t a Baby Shower, people didn’t have to bring gifts, so instead we asked people to each bring a dish, so we could keep it on a reasonable budget. Katrine & I would make sure that there were drinks & some desserts.

You can figure that my Sunday started very early, I had to go to Katrines place, to prepare a lot of things before the guests arrived & I’m not a big fan of getting up early in the morning (okay I honestly hate it). Katrine & I had to prepare some lemonade & Cupcakes, Katrine had made the cupcakes the day before, so it was just the frosting & the lemonade we had to make & then set the table.


There were two kinds of cupcakes, a chocolate cupcake with blue vanilla frosting & a carrot cupcake with a cream cheese frosting. They were so good. The lemonade we made was a lemonade with lemons, I’m gonna post pictures & the recipe in my next post.

We managed to get everything ready before the guests came & before the special guest Kirstine arrived. We were a bit scared that she might had guessed that we would surprise her, but she hadn’t & was very surprised & happy.

The weather was amazing on Sunday so we enjoyed the dessert outside, it was such a lovely & cosy day & Kirstine was very happy & had a lovely time & that’s all that matters.

Katrine & I were some very good hostesses, I’m glad that we were two, because I honestly isn’t the best at being a hostess, I don’t really enjoy all the planning that comes with it, I’m better at just helping out. But I do love the result of being a hostess, it’s all the things before I’m not that good at! That means I also hate planning my own birthday & always keeps it as low key as possible 😉

But seeing how happy she was & how lovely the day was, made, being a hostess with Katrine, it all worth it!

Mille ♥


    • Mille
      12. August 2015 / 05:50

      Just seeing how happy she got was all worth it. The cupcakes was absolutely amazing:) x

      • 21. August 2015 / 03:09

        Thank you SO much for a fantastic day sweety. Love you <3

    • Mille
      12. August 2015 / 08:06

      Thank you so much:)

    • Mille
      13. August 2015 / 17:04


  1. 21. August 2015 / 03:10

    Thank you SO much for a fantastic day sweety. I was SO surprised about the event and so happy to see everyone, who joined. Love you <3

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