Sundays are for – Christmas Pyjamas

It is already Sunday, which means it’s almost time for a new week to begin! For me Sunday is the day where I try to relax as much as possible, so I can start the new week well rested. A relaxing Sunday for me is doing things that makes me feel comfortable & relaxed. It can be all from watching films, spending time with friends or just doing stuff I enjoy at home. One of my favourite things about Sundays is just wearing something very cosy & today was no exception. I went out for a little Christmas shopping this morning & when I came home I jumped into my new Christmas pyjamas.

Christmas Pyjamas

This Christmas pyjamas is from asos, unfortunately it is out of stock now. I love that it is classic black, but then has the Christmas themed penguins on it.  It is so comfortable to wear & I must admit I’ve been wearing it most of the day. I’ve always been a huge fan of wearing comfortable clothes & I often put on comfy clothes as soon as I get home from work. So when I have a Sunday where I can just wear comfy clothes all day, I’m all up for it.

Honestly I haven’t actually relaxed that much today, I have prepared a lot of photos for future Blogmas posts & Christmas decorated my apartment. But those two things are things I enjoy to do, so it still feels like a Sunday well spent.


Cat Sundays

As I mentioned in my Blogmas Post yesterday I love that there are things only relating to Christmas. So why not a Christmas pyjamas, so everything just gets a bit more christmassy.  Last year I kind of lost my Christmas mood, which was a shame, cause I normally LOVE Christmas. Last year so much was going on & I was really stressed, so I didn’t really enjoyed Christmas as I normally do.
I don’t want that to happen again this year, therefore I’m going a bit all in with all the christmassy stuff, including this pyjamas. Cause if you’re doing something it has to be whole hearted!
So fingers crossed that my Christmas mood stays.

See you tomorrow with a new Blogmas Post.

Take Care & Merry Christmas
Mille ♥

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