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Vichy Idéalia Cream – (Get it here)

Vichy Idéalia Eyes (Get it here)

It is very important to take good care of you skin, especially this time of year. I have always had very sensitive skin in my face & as soon as autumn & winter are approaching I get dry skin on my face, mostly on my forehead & nose. I always try to take good care of my skin & make sure to moisturize my skin. I drink a lot of water in winter to give my skin moisture that way & make sure to cleans my skin two times a day.  But I never really found a cream that helped on the dry spots in winter, I tried so many different creams from different stores, some worked better than others, but they never helped perfectly. I have reached that point now, where Moisture Cream isn’t a product where you should be skimp, so I bought the Vichy Idéalia Moisture Cream from the pharmacy, with their guidance, & to my luck they had a offer for two products, so I also bought an Vichy Eye cream.

I been using the Vichy Idéalia Moisturizing Cream for about two weeks now, ones in the morning & ones in the evening & I can definitely feel a difference already, my skin feels more moisturized & when I started I had some dry spots & they are now gone. Some of the other creams I been trying were often a bit thick, so it didn’t feel like my skin could breath properly. The texture of the Vichy Idéalia Cream is smooth & light, when it is applied, my skin feels soft & moisturized & it feels like my skin can breath & that feeling stays all day. It also has a sweet scent, the scent comes from natural ingredients so it not bad for your skin, & the best thing is that it is Pink my favorite color, but that is just a coincidence;) It also evens your skin texture & smoothes wrinkles (not that I have any yet, but it’s nice to be prepared).

The Vichy Idéalia Eye Cream I haven’t used that much yet, I tried it a couple of times, it is suppose to remove signs of fatigue, dark circles & shadows & give fine lines. I like that the Cream has a bit color in it & when it is evened out it has a shiny effect, which makes you look more fresh. I don’t really have dark circles or shadows so I don’t know if it works on that. I really like that it has the shine effect, I so not a morning person & when it gets dark in the mornings, I think this shine effect would help a lot on the fatigue eyes!

I’m so glad that I finally spent a bit more on skincare, it really pays out & my skin deserves it!

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.


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