Lace dress.


Not to long ago I was contacted by Boutique of Molly, about become a blogger for them & as the fashion lover & addict I am, I looked at their website & accepted their offer right away.
I found two amazing pieces on their website, I ordered them & waited in excitement for the parcel to arrive. (I got the pieces with a discount, not for free)
I’ll make another post about the other piece I bought!

I must say that their delivery service is amazing, the parcel arrived within two days, which I think is a short delivery time, the parcel was shipped from UK to Denmark! If you live in the UK & order before 3, they have next day delivery. DSC08747 (1)

The first piece I found on Boutique of Molly was this “Una Lace & Chiffon Bell Sleeve Dress“,  I fell in love with it right away, I have always loved laces, but at the same time simplicity!
I think this lace dress is very simple, because of the black colour, but it’s still not boring because of all the lace & other details, I also think it has that kind of 60’s look to it!


The dress has a black underdress & then the lace dress with long see-through sleeves to put over the underdress. You can really see the lace details on the top front & back, where your own skin can be seen. The lace dress is very comfortable to wear & I think the sizes is normal, I ordered it a size bigger that I normal use & it fits fine, but on the loose side, which I prefer.
I think it is a really good quality at a good price, the “Una Lace & Chiffon Bell Sleeve Dress“, costs 42,95 pounds.


I think I have mentioned it before, but one of my favourite looks is the simple & casual ones, that’s why I love this dress. The thing about simple & casual pieces is that you can style them for everyday & for party. This dress is perfect for party if it is styled with stilettos, & also for an everyday look styled with some leggings & boots, so it is like a long top! That’s the amazing thing with simple & casual pieces, you can pretty much style it for any occasion.

DSC09342 (1)

I must say this dress has very much fulfilled my expectation & I have already decided that this lace dress is going to be my NYE dress, it is the first time ever than I have planned my dress for NYE in november, normally I’m panicking in the end of december, because I don’t know what to wear.

So if you’re a fashion lover & especially a lover of British fashion like I am, you should definitely take a look at Boutique of Molly‘s site, it’s worth it, you can find some very lovely pieces to a fair price.

Have a lovely weekend.
Take care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      15. November 2015 / 16:14

      Me too, it’s so pretty! Yes actually does I didn’t think about that:)

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