The Trip – Part II


So in my two previously posts I wrote a little life update & about this trip I was going on. If you have read my post “Life update” I’ll assume you that I’m feeling way better now, except of a cold!

Now back to the trip, if you didn’t read about it you can see read the post here, so two weeks ago I went on a hiking trip to Sweden, I had planned the trip because I felt like I wasn’t challenging myself enough. Unfortunately the thing is when I get an idea I go all in & more! I don’t start with a small challenge that I can complete! Noooo I have to make it as hard as even possible & then it certain that I will not complete it!!!

I was very excited for the trip & everything started as planned, I went to Sweden & found the hiking route.
I just made one BIG MISTAKE, I packed to much & the backpack got way to heavy. At first it went fine, but I’m not used to carry backpacks, so after almost 20 kilometres I was hurting so bad. My legs were fine though, cause I’m used to walking far & do it a lot, but my back was literally killing me. My shoulders were hurting, my arms were hurting, my neck was hurting & I couldn’t breath without it hurting like crazy!
So at the end I took every chance I had to take a break & put down the backpack & when I started up again, my back was fine for like 2 minutes the it started to hurt again. So I might have had a little cry in the middle of nowhere on a bridge, cause I just couldn’t carry the backpack anymore:(
I knew if I stayed & slept in the tent for the night, I wouldn’t be able to carry the backpack the next day & it would be much harder to get home, so I made the decision to go home right away. It was really a cleaver decision, cause I have never felt so bad like I did when I got home & many days after, my body was aching & I just felt psychically ill, there was no doubt that I had pressured my body way to much!

I’m sorry if this post is coming out as moaning that’s not the point, I just wanted to explain what happened.
The thing is that I felt like a quitter & it was so embarrassing that I told everyone & then I didn’t complete it. But everyone told me that it wasn’t embarrassing at all & that the fact that I actually tried & went to Sweden was amazing. I also had a talk with my friend & it was just the talk I needed. She told me that it wasn’t embarrassing at all, if it was anything it was funny & then we had a great laugh.
We also planned that we’ll go on a hiking trip together next year. Maybe it’s a good idea to go with someone instead of alone!

I had hoped that I could have shown you guys a lot of photos from the trip, but I didn’t take many, I wanted to take photos the second day, I just wanted to use the first day to get started, I did take a few though, which are the ones in this post. The other thing was that I really want to start vlogging, I did film a little bit, but not much. I have to see if I can use some of the footage & make a little video. If I can I’m showing it later.



So even though I didn’t complete this trip, it was still a success in some way. I actually went & I tried & succeed walking 20 kilometres with a very heavy backpack! I just have to admit that it was a bit too ambitious! Sometimes you just have to admit that you made a wrong decision & learn by it & I think I made a good decision by going home, even though I thought it was so embarrassing to quit. I do think that you should always try your best & I did, quitting doesn’t always mean that you’re weak & I just need to remind myself that. It’s about you knowing that you tried your best & make the decisions that you feel is right for you & not for others. I do think you should press yourself to do the best, but I don’t think you should do it for any price! Just do what you feel is the right thing to do….

Take care
Mille ♥


  1. 15. September 2015 / 17:07

    Really enjoyed reading this post, lovely pictures! xxx

    • Mille
      15. September 2015 / 20:15

      Thank you so much:)

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