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I promised the other day that there would be a post explaining the trip I’m going on this weekend! As I wrote in my previous post I feel a bit down at the moment & I feel like something needs to happen in my life. I’m always the person who takes the safe road & I don’t challenge myself that much & if I do, it isn’t any big challenges. So now where I’m in my late twenties, I think it’s about time that I challenge myself a bit more & creating my own adventures.
I’m tired of always playing it safe!!!!

So the trip I’ve been hinting about for a little while, on my Twitter, is a hiking trip to Sweden, I’m going today & coming home on Sunday. I’m going on this hiking trip all by myself, of course it would be nice to have someone with me, but that’s not a challenge, the challenge is to do this ALONE!
I need to get away from my everyday life for a bit, even if it’s only for a weekend. I need escape everything for a little while & just have my own little adventure. I think my biggest challenges is going to be sleeping in the tent by myself, but hopefully I’m so tired that I fall fast asleep.
Another challenge is that I have nothing planed out, I only know the route & how far I need to go everyday to be able complete the route. I have no plans of where to sleep, I’ll sleep wherever I decide to put up my tent & I have to make my food on a Primus. I have always been a big fan of planning & planed everything a while ahead, but at one point I got tired of it & started not to plan that much ahead. So now I only plan a few days ahead, if it isn’t any thing that needs a lot of planning. Now I’m going on a trip where I have nothing planed & not knowing what awaits me, makes me a bit anxious, but I’m sure everything is going to be fine!

The route I’m walking is about 70 kilometres & I have to do it in three days. So when you read this post, I’m on my way to Sweden or I’m already started the route. I’ve been planing this trip for a couple of weeks now & I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I get back home & show you all the pictures & maybe I have one more surprising thing to show!

The aim of this trip is to just cope with my life, my thoughts & get an adventure. This also means that from this morning I’ll be off any social media until Sunday evening. I’ll be without Internet, television & I will not use my phone, except from texting ones in a while saying I’m alive;)
I’m just gonna enjoy the quiet evenings looking at the stars, coping with my thought or reading a book
I think it’s very healthy just to get away from all the everyday fuss & spend time with yourself & enjoy the little  things in life!

So if you read this through the day or in the evening, I’ll properly be on the run or sitting in my tent somewhere in Sweden & thinking about life & my first real adventure!

I’ll se you when I get back – All the love


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  1. KatrineFie
    29. August 2015 / 21:57

    Glæder mig til at se billeder og høre om turen ? Du er så sej, Mille ❤️

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