Throwback Tuesday..

As I told you in my previous post I’m going to Hamburg in December, it is only a one-day trip, but I can’t wait. Lately I have had such a desire to travel, I really just want to go & see what the world has to offer. I haven’t traveled a lot when I were a kid. I have been to London 4 or 5 times I can’t really remember, besides that me & my parents have always traveled to countries close to Denmark, like Germany, Norway or places in Denmark. I have always thought our trips when I were a kid were so lovely & I have seen a lot of things so I’m not complaining at all. But I have always wanted to go to the US or France & I’m hoping to go there soon ( I just need to overcome my fear of flying). I definitely have a plan to go to London very soon too, I just LOVE that city…

Now back to “Throwback Tuesday” I wanted to show you some pictures from the first vacation I went on, on my own, with my best friend. We went to Amsterdam about 4 years ago. It was such an amazing & lovely trip. The best thing about the trip was that my friend & I are very much alike when it comes to being on vacation & we both want to go out & see things & we saw a lot. We lived at a Hostel owned by an Australian & when we came he told us about places worth visiting & showed us on a map where all the different places were. So we got to see some things that wasn’t obvious tourist places, which was cool, to see some of Amsterdam that you wouldn’t normally go see. He also told us about this Pancake house & I’m not lying it was the best Pancakes I have ever had, they served Pancake as normal dessert, but also Pancakes with different toppings like Cheese, Ham & more! They tasted so GOOD & if I’m ever going back to Amsterdam I’m going there again, seriously you can’t imagine how good they were. We also went to all the places you have to see in Amsterdam & went on a canal cruise & to the Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, I love all the small canals that are running through the city & all the old beautiful house, the city is just so pretty in summer time, but what city isn’t? I really do want to go back there someday, & I can only recommend to visit that city….                                                                                                                                                                                           Here are some pictures from my trip, enjoy……

Billede 033

Billede 015

Billede 019

Billede 039

Billede 041

Billede 058

Billede 062

Billede 065

Billede 068

Billede 038

Billede 092

Billede 098

Billede 070

So here you have it Throwback Tuesday. It would be lovely to hear about con countries you guys have been & what places are worth seeing, it would be lovely for some inspiration for future vacations!

Mille ♥


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