Tiger & Sneakers





Blouse with Tiger  – Moss Copenhagen

Black Jeans – Gina Tricot

Black Wedge Sneakers  – Isabel Marant

I’m half way through my week off & it has been very lovely so far. I’ve been out shopping, visiting my Granddad & just relaxing. Today’s outfit is one of my favorite. I love the blouse from Moss Copenhagen with the Tiger, it is made of sequins. It is very comfy to wear & it is a bit loose & perfect with tight jeans. The Black Wedge sneakers from Isabel Marant is one of my favorite pairs right now. Normally I do not wear shoes with high heel because I’m a bit tall, but I love to wear these & they are perfect for autumn when the weather is changing & getting colder. They are very easy & comfortable to walk in & because they has a wedge heel they do not hurt you feet, when you’re not use to a high heel.

What is your guys favorite items to wear right now?

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.



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