To do or not to do?


I’m one of these persons who always have a lot of ideas & things I want to do, but I never really get them done or I forget again, because I don’t write them down! I’m a master of throwing ideas & projects in the air & involve people in them, I just kind of forget to catch them again.

So the other day I were thinking about making a “To do list”. I tried to make a “To do lists” before, but without success. But this time I need to keep a track on all the things I want to do & DO them! I think it is a good way to keep a track of the things I like to get done.

When it comes to a “To do list” I think there is a certain charm about a handwritten list, but for me  handwritten lists tend to disappear, so instead I found an app for my phone called “Do” & it’s free.

It’s pretty easy to use you can just write the tasks you want to have on your “To do list” & then add it. When you have completed the task on your “To do list” you just double tap on the task & the task is crossed over. I think it is really handy with an app, because I always have my phone with me, so the list won’t disappear.


 So yesterday I sat down to make the “To do list”, there is a lot of “sorting out” tasks on it.  That means that my “To do list” is going to take a some time to complete, but thats fine, the goal is just to complete it at some time, no stress. For now I have the things below on my list:

Sort out sideboard in living room.
Sort out desk in bedroom.
Sort out waredrope.
Sort out cabins in kitchen
Sort out my make up.
Make a list of apartment renovation plans. (this is going to be very long!)
Write all my Blog post ideas down in one book.

As I said I have a lot of “sorting out” stuff to do, because I’m  just so bad at throwing things away, even though I haven’t use it for ages. So this time I’m going to be a bit harder when I’m sorting my things. If I haven’t used it for a while, the chance for me to use it in the future isn’t that big!

So what do you guys thing about “To do lists”, is it a good idea or does it makes things more stressful if you don’t get the things done? I would also love to hear what is on your “To do list”, & how you prefer to write it?

Have a lovely weekend….

Mille ♥

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  1. Gabrielle
    21. March 2015 / 00:45

    I can relate to not wanting to throw things away and needing to ‘sort through’ things, I had so many bags full of things that I eventually just had to bite the bullet and donate heaps and heaps to charity! Good luck!

    ps. Thanks for folllowing on Twitter, I’ve also followed you on Instagram and hope to connect over there as well! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice



    • Mille
      21. March 2015 / 15:11

      I think I have to bite the bullet too, cause there is so many things I don’t use or need;). Charity is a brilliant idea, I also give the things away to people who wants or needs it:)

      Thank you also for following on Twitter & instagram. I followed back on Instagram

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