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So lately I have had this urge to travel, so I thought why not a little travel throwback post! I haven’t traveled that much & maybe that the reason for my sudden urge to travel.
At the moment I’m waiting to hear if I get a holiday apartment in either London, Amsterdam or Barcelona, I have actually been to all those cities before, but I don’t mind going back.
It has almost been 10 years since I was in Barcelona & I’ll love to see that city again, therefore today I’m taking a step down travel lane & give you some of the pictures from when I was in Barcelona.
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As I said I haven’t traveled that much, but the contries/cities I have been to are:
Spain – Barcelona
England – London
Holland – Amsterdam
Germany – Hamburg

My travel wish list at the moment:
USA – Los Angeles (Coachella), New York, Yosemite
Greece – Santorini
England – Manchester & Brighton

What is on your travel wish list at the moment?

Take Care
Mille ♥

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