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So whilst I was in London Carolin (Style Lingua) & I went to an exhibition, as I mentioned in my Life recently – London post, the exhibition was at the V&A Museum & was called “Undressed – A brief History of Underwear”.
I would like to apologize for the quality of the photos, unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to take photos with a proper camera, so the photos are taken with my phone!

The exhibition was in a closed room in the V&A museum, so when you get the ticket for the exhibition it gives you access to almost every other exhibition in V&A. The exhibition had only been open one day when we went there, which you could feel, there were a lot of people, which made it a bit difficult to see all the underwear & read all the information. The underwear exhibition is divided into two floors, upstairs it was a bit easier to walk around & see everything properly.
On the down floor the underwear displayed was mostly from back in the times, like corsets & more, then as you  moved through the room it started to get more up to our days. I actually learned a funny thing by this exhibition, like it’s no surprise that you can get Shape Wear for women, but did you know that Shape Wear for men was launched in 2010, I sure didn’t!
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney
Some of the fashion designers you could see in this exhibition were fashion designers like Stella McCartney, Alexander MacQueen, Vivianne Westwood & Givenchy. I must admit most of the underwear, wasn’t really underwear or lingerie you could wear today, most of it was more like the art part of fashion lingerie than actually wearable underwear/lingerie!
I did like the exhibition, but must admit I had hoped that there was a bit more history & a bit more lingerie shown, also I thought that when you talk underwear/lingerie & fashion you automatically think Victoria Secret, there was no lingerie from Victoria Secret, which I think was a bit of a disappointment!
Fashion Lingerie
The upstairs part of the exhibition was more the fashion art part of Lingerie, a lot of it was dresses or some lingerie that expresses the designers artwork, more than wearable lingerie. That is one of the things I love about fashion, sometimes fashion is more artwork & expression your creativity, than making it for the mass!
I did find the pieces shown on the upstairs very interesting, cause it was more fashion relevant, where the downstairs was based more on the development & history behind it. Also upstairs there was shown a little film, with focus on 3 designers & their philosophy behind their collections & lingerie.

A thing I loved about the upstairs was that they showed a board with most of the pieces, which was worn by celebrities or in photoshoots. It was fun to see, cause some of it was really hard to imagine on a person, so to see it actually photographed on someone made it easier to see how it would actually look. I sometimes think that is hard to imagine the look when it is on a mannequin.

One of my favourite things about exhibitions is when you actually learn something new & leave with the feeling, that you gotten a bit wiser. I left the exhibition with this feeling, I did get some new information, one of them was that at some point there were rules about clothes for relaxation. That was a fun thing to read, cause I would never have imagined that at some point you weren’t allowed to wear it outside!

After Carolin & I were finished with the exhibition about underwear we went around the V&A to look at some of the other exhibitions. The tickets for the undressed exhibition was 12 pounds & then it gives you access to the rest of the V&A museum as well, which I think is a very good thing, cause then you feel like you get more out of the money.
So all in all the “Undressed” exhibition was very good & I did learned something new & got to spend time looking at fashion,  but when that is said I also think that the exhibition had some faults, I think that there should have been a bit more history to it & maybe some more pieces shown, also the lack of Victoria Secret was a bit of a disappointment for me.

So if you are going to London & like different exhibitions, I would definitely recommend you to give the V&A museum, in general, a visit.

Take Care
Mille ♥

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