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Lately I’ve gotten into things that looks a bit old & worn out & I have wanted an old phone to use as decoration in my apartment, for a long time now!

I’ve been looking around on the internet to find an old phone, but I haven’t really found anyone that looked like the one I had in mind. So through Easter break I went to a flea market, there is a big one in a city about 20 minutes from the town my parents live in, so I went there.
Buying used things has always been difficult for me (I can’t tell you why, just one of my weird ideas!), but I have realized that if you want some of the good old stuff a flea marked is the place to find it – therefore I’m trying to get past that difficulty;)
On the flea market I actually found a phone pretty quickly & it was just what I had in mind, it’s an old black phone!





It looks a bit dirty & dusty, but I have cleaned it very well & this is how clean it can be. I kind of like that it looks dusty & worn, that gives it that old look. I don’t really know how old it is. I also love the detail on the front of it, where the phone number is shown.

I’m trying to put some old thing into my apartment so it looks a bit more raw instead of clean & borring. That means that I’m going to some more flea markets in the future! It’s a bit cheaper (if you’re lucky), to find things on a flea market  & then do something with them yourself, instead of buying new things that are made so they look old! Don’t get me wrong I also love the new things, but this is a bit funnier.
I got the phone very cheap, I got it for 75 Danish Kroner that is about 10 euro.

I have a plan to add one more item as a decoration & that is an old typewriter! there weren’t any typewriters that I liked on the flea market, so from now on I’m on a look out:)
What is your guys opinion of old things & finding stuff on flea markets?

Have a lovely evening
Mille ♥

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