We’re all creative – aren’t we?

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We are all creative aren’t we? I never really thought about what being creative really means, because I never seen my self as a creative person, but recently a friend said something to me, that have made me thing about the whole being creative or not!

I always thought that being creative is being good with your hands & be able to make stuff. I never been good with my hands, I’m more of a use your head kind of person! In school I were good at the classes that wasn’t about being creative with your hands but with your head! I’m good at getting an idea, but most of them always contains elements of me being creative, so I never really do more about them!
I talked to a new friend of mine about it & she said something that made me rethink the whole being creative thing. She said that being creative isn’t about being good with your hands or be able to bring the idea to life, creativity is also getting the idea, & some of them you can do yourself, others you can get others to help you with, but it’s still your idea.


So creativity is not all about being able to use your hands, it’s also using your head. The more I started thing about being creative, the more I discovered that a lot of things makes you creative, being good at writhing, taking photos, getting ideas, blogging & much more. Now I really think I have found my creative side!


I never knew or thought about, I had a creative side. I recently found out, that I actually love taking pictures & also sometimes edit them. I personally think it’s a thing that I’m good at & that’s the whole point. The point to find that passion, that’s what makes you good at it & that’s what makes you creative. When you have the passion it will show. I love finding ideas for photos & then set it up, or just capture the moment. I’m able to show off my creative side in my pictures, therefor all the pictures on my blog & my Instagram are pictures taken by me. (See my Instagram here)
I’m so glad that I found my creative side & that I finally figured out that there is so much more to being creative, that I actually thought!


Creativity has a million faces & can mean a thousand things! I think the important thing is to find you own meaning of being creative & then you’ll find your creativity. It’s all about finding your passion & bring it to life, either by help from your hands or your head. All of this leads me back to my question “We are all creative, aren’t we?”, my answer to that question is that I think we are. I think we all are a bit creative in our own way & you just have to find it & find your own meaning of creativity!

I’ll love to hear what you think about this question & what’s your creative sides are?
Have a lovely evening

Mille ♥

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  1. Gabrielle
    18. June 2015 / 15:38

    You’re so right, creativity has many faces! I have always been drawn to the more creative side of life, however like you, I often had boxed in to ‘doing things with your hands’ – how wrong I was! A lovely, though-provoking post Mille 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Mille
      18. June 2015 / 17:56

      I’m so glad you liked it. Yah it has & I never thought about it either until now :).

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