White Memo – White Converse

I recently read an article in British Vogue, about how wearing white is the memo we all got, but don’t know who sent! I definitely got that memo, white is one of my favourite colours to wear.
It is a colour, which can be worn by everyone & can be matched with everything.
For me white also equals summer, nothing is more lovely, than to be wearing white when the sun is shining.
As you might know I’m a big fan of sneakers at the moment, so what better idea than to mix those two things together.

Converse Converse

The first time I saw these white Converse Sneakers I fell in Love.
I have always been a fan of Converse Sneakers & I think they go with almost every outfit. The thing I love about Converse is that you can get them in every shape & form. Another thing is that you can get Converse shoes in so many different designs, almost no limits.
The thing I fell for with these Converse Sneakers, is the lace-like hole patterne, I think it looks amazing & very feminine. They are very pleasent to wear, even on a warm summer day, because of the holes, so your feed don’t get to warm. I kind of prefer the high ankle Converse, more than the low ones.

Converse Converse
I’ve styled them with a dress, jeans and dungarees, depending on weather & mood. These white Converse is definitely my summer essential, I just love them & I’ve been wearing them a lot.

So what are you opinion on wearing white, did you get the memo?

Take Care
Mille ♥


    • Mille
      28. July 2016 / 22:41

      Thank you so much:)

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