White Sneakers.

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I must say I never really owned a pair of white sneakers, not that I don’t like them, I just never bought any!
I’m a big fan of sneakers & love the casualness sneakers can bring to an outfit. I think I have mentioned it a lot of times before (sorry), but the weather is really not great this summer, so white sneakers is definitely a good choice & one of my summer essentials!


I bought these white sneakers when I was in London, they are from Primark & were about 5 pounds or something like that. Unfortunately there is not yet a Primark in Denmark, but I hope they open one. Right now the closest one is in Hamburg Germany!



I love the casual street style as much as I love the feminine casual style & I think you can use these white sneakers with both looks.
I have styled these white sneakers with a pair of black jeans & a loose top or T-shirt, which I think makes the look a bit more sporty & casual. They would also be perfect with a playsuit on a warm summer day, which makes the look very cute & feminine.


I’m very glad that I bought them, I tried them on in the store & they felt very comfortable, but I don’t think you really know until you wear them for a whole day! My opinion is that trying on shoes only gives you an idea of how they are.
I have worn them a couple of times now & even walked home from work in them! They are so comfortable to wear & that was even from the first time I wore them. Because they are so comfy & didn’t cost much I really regret I didn’t bought another pair & Primark don’t have a web shop 🙁


I’m absolutely in love with these white sneakers, I like that they aren’t fully closed & stops like on the middle of he foot, that makes them more summery. They only down side of white sneakers is that they get dirty easily, but they can be washed & become as good as new.

So what is your opinion on white sneakers & what is your essentials for this summer?

Mille ♥

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