Dotted White Dress

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I really wish this post could be a bit more bright & spring-like, but sometimes your surroundings just don’t act like you wish them to!
So instead of working against my surrounding I chose to embrace them & make some raw/rustic photos, but lets be honest I love those rustic surroundings for my fashion shoots!

Now back to what this post is really about, I promised a little while ago, that I was gonna show you some of my purchases from the last time I was in London & this dotted white dress is one of them.

Even though the photos don’t oozes spring, I still think this white dress is perfect for spring & summer time, the dress is from Cameo Rose & I bought it in New Look.
The last couple of years I haven’t been wearing dresses that much, which is bit strange, cause there was a time where I wore dresses all the time & I used to love it. So I guess I’ll be bringing the dresses back now, cause I do like wearing them!
My favourite kind of dresses are the ones that you can style, so you can use them when you’re going to a party & also as an everyday dress for work, or a day out in the city.
Because it is still a bit cold here I styled it with some black tights & high boots, also I would add some jewellery & a little black bag & then the dress is perfect for a night out or a party. I kind of like the contrast between the black & white.
I’m also sure that the dress is perfect for a summer party, with a pair of stilettos & bare legs.


The great thing about this white dress is that you can also use it as an everyday dress.
Normally I only wear heals when I’m going out, I tend to wear flat shoes for my everyday.
So I also styling this white dress with a grey pair of sneakers (as you might have noticed are my all time favourites at the moment), which I think complemented the dress very well.
Styled with a pair of sneakers make the look more like sporty chic, the grey sneakers I’m wearing is from Primark, one of my favourite British Stores.
When summer arrives, I can also see the dress styled with a pair of sandals, which I think makes it more summer-like & casual chic!
I can only imaging those lovely sunny sommerdays to come & wearing this dress out with friends, just enjoying Copenhagen!
The reason I bought this white dress is that I love the details on it, I love the pockets &  those small dots it has, it makes it a bit more than just a simple white dress. Furthermore it is very pleasent to wear, the material is very soft & lovely.

So even through my grunge surroundings I hope you got a little spring, summer feeling from this post, I for sure can’t wait for the warmer days to come, what about you?

Take Care & Happy Easter everyone
Mille ♥

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