Summer Holiday, Zakynthos Greece

For the first time ever, I’ve been on a summer holiday to a warm place! I went to the island Zakynthos (which is a little greek island), with a friend. None of us had heard about the island before, we stumbled upon it, when we looked for a holiday location.

I have never been to Greece before or visited one of the greek islands.
Honestly I’ve never been the biggest fan of the warmth, so traveling to an island that is over 30 degrees might not seem like a good idea. Actually the warmth wasn’t so bad, cause it doesn’t feel as humid as it feels in Denmark.

We were staying for a week & we arrived on monday evening after a 3 hour long flight.
My first impression of the little island was very good.
While traveling from the airport to the city we were staying in, I couldn’t stop admire the amazing nature.
I was so excited to see what Zakynthos had to offer. 

The Hotel
We stayed at a hotel called Trianon Studios, the hotel is located in the little city Tsilivi. The hotel is located in the center of the city & only 500 meters from the beach.
It was a very lovely hotel, in our room we had a little kitchen & fridge, so you could keep food & drinks (I didn’t get any photos of the room). The room was very modern & looked very new.
The hotel also had a pool & a bar area & a restaurant, so you could get drinks & food during the day.

I must admit we spend a lot of time by the pool side, cause it was way too warm to do anything during the day. Each room also had their own balcony, from our balcony you could see some of the ocean.

The City Tsilivi
We stayed in the city Tsilivi, a very cute little city. It has a lot of restaurants, bars & small local stores.
A thing I really loved about the city & the island, is that there were people, but it never felt crowded. I live in Copenhagen & there are always a lot of people everywhere. So the feeling of moving around in the city was really easy. For me relaxation also means getting away from the crowds & that really happened on this trip. Not said that nothing was going on in the city, the popular bar, was very full & people & the bartenders had a party!
Also the city Tsilivi was only like 15/20 minuts away from a bigger city, so you could travel if it got too quiet. We traveled to Zakynthos Town one of the days, but I will post a separate post about that trip.

The Food
As I said it was my first time in Greece, so I didn’t know what to expect when it came to greek cuisine.
I must admit that a lot of the restaurants had a lot of international dishes as well on the menu. Which dishes I tend to get, because of my food pickiness.
But I did get some greek dishes, which I really liked.
We went out for dinner every night & did eat in a couple of not so good restaurants, but did also find some good ones. It is like when the menu is like massive, the food doesn’t really have the highest standard. So you quickly spot the turist traps & find the good restaurants.
We did found a very lovely & good restaurant, where we ate twice. It had this little garden area, & the food was so good. The restaurant is called Trenta Nove.
Definitely a restaurant I will visit again if I go back to Zakynthos.

I hope you like this holiday post, we also went on a boat trip, which I will do a separate post about.

Take Care

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